This is my baby, Roger. He likes finding caves under pillows and blankets. He is beautiful.

This is my baby, Roger. He likes finding caves under pillows and blankets. He is beautiful.

#bird #cockatiel #shadow (Taken with instagram)

#bird #cockatiel #shadow (Taken with instagram)

Today Was a Good Day

Day 3: Nursing orientation.

The orientation itself wasn’t a big highlight, but interesting nonetheless. 

During lunch I went to staff health to make sure my vaccination clearance was done. They re-signed a form to take to ICU just in case it hadn’t been sent to them already. I went down to ICU and met the manager, who seems pretty nice. He then introduced me to my NUM, who confirmed with me that I have next Friday off for my friend’s wedding, yay!

So anyway, I’m in Cardiothoracic ICU for the next 6 months!!!

Exciting. The ICU department is made up of 4 parts; two general ICUs, a CTICU and a neuro ICU. We will be doing 6 months in a general, and the other 6 months is either in CT or neuro. I’m happy I got CT because it makes a lot more sense to me than neuro. And also I get to be all hardcore like Cristina Yang from Grey’s. Fun fun!

On a side note, my bird has been in hospital for the past week due to inhaling a seed. The vet called me this afternoon to let me know he’s been whistling (which is for the first time since last Thursday morning!) Such good news! They were going to have to do some risky invasive things if the seed didn’t break down properly, but this is a great sign. He’s going to stay at the vet for a few more days just in case, and then hopefully he can come home!!! 

So that’s all for now, tomorrow starts with orientation within ICU itself. I’m really looking forward to it. :)

In my spare time..

I like to ask celebrities on twitter to give a shout out to my pet bird, Roger.

I will not stop until they do. Local semi-celebtrity (sorry Paul) Paul Verhoeven is the only semi (again sorry Paul) celebrity to have replied so far. Pretty awesome though, because probably 1 in 2000 Australians know who he is. More Australians than those who know who I am.

Maybe Paul Verhoeven can mention Roger’s facebook on his Triple J show, Nerds of a Feather. After all, Roger has feathers and enjoys playing COD.

That is all.

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Roger sabotages our puzzle.